Photo Album Style 3 Colors Size 30X30 New Intense Pink/New Fuschia Pink/New Pastel Pink

The 3C style is composed of three vertical bands of our inimitable material New. The quality of the material, the liveliness of the colors and the impeccable finish are the main highlights of this style.
Made in three tones of pink (Intense Pink, Fuschia Pink, Pastel Pink) of our exclusive material New, its excellent finish and exquisite union of the three colors make this album ideal for the girls of the family.
The size of the album is 30 cm x 30 cm and has 15 cream-colored pages on which to attach photos.

Accurate measurement of the inner leaf of the photo album is 29 cm (width) x 30 cm (height), and it can include photos of the measures 28x28, 20x25, 25x25, 20x20 and 15x20 cms.

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