Photo Album Style Classic Flap Size 30X30 New Violet-New Sahara

The classic flap style represents the most classic variant of the flap-style albums. With the same characteristics as the rest of its family, the difference is that the flap is a cut shorter around its edges, giving it the look of a classic briefcase. A good move that makes this style of album one of the most prize-winning by our clients and one of the greatest sales successes of Pielfort.
The bright colors are given importance in this classic flap photo album. The precious new violet and the warm new sahara form a perfect combination, harmonious and balanced, and at the same time lively and bold.
The size of the album is 30 cm x 30 cm and has 15 cream-colored pages on which to attach photos.

Accurate measurement of the inner leaf of the photo album is 29 cm (width) x 30 cm (height), and it can include photos of the measures 28x28, 20x25, 25x25, 20x20 and 15x20 cms.

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