Photo Album Style 128 Size 30X30 New Dark Green-New Light Green-White Epson

Pielfort's style 128 is inspired by the oblique bands of the polo shirts of some american rugby teams. In the same way, the front cover has three sideways bands of different colors, brought together with perfect stitching and producing a final result with a strong impact.
The chosen colors of this style are two tones of green (new dark green and new light green) and White Epson. These three very lively color tones give this style a very attractive look and makes it one of the bestselling styles of Pielfort.
The size of the album is 30 cm x 30 cm and has 15 cream-colored pages on which to attach photos.

Accurate measurement of the inner leaf of the photo album is 29 cm (width) x 30 cm (height), and it can include photos of the measures 28x28, 20x25, 25x25, 20x20 and 15x20 cms.

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