Leather Album 72. Style Heart Red Calfskin - New Ice White:

The heart style represents an innovation in the Pielfort catalog. With this new design, we bring a new style of openwork in the front cover in the shape of the heart, the symbol of love.
Spectacular red calfskin is used as a base, and a heart in new ice white material is stamped perfectly on the front cover using laser technology.
The combination of the two materials is ideal, concocting a timeless album with a classic style and perfect, high-quality materials and finish.
The size of the photo album is 35 cm x 35 cm and the inside pages are made from high quality 250 gram card. Each page comes with silk paper to protect the photographs.
The exact measurement of the inside pages of the album is 33.3 cm (width) x 35 cm (height), and can fit photos that are 24 cm x 30 cm, 30 cm x 24 cm, 28 cm x 28 cm and 32 cm by 32 cm.

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