Leather Album Style 118 Black Leather-Bamboo

Straight and curved forms are brought together in style 118 to produce a photo album with a clean and fresh design, in which the simplicity and purity of its lines predominate.
The black leather used is of the highest level, the finish is impeccable, and its feel, presence, and odor radiate quality.
The central line that opens at the lower part of the photo album is covered by Bamboo, a Pielfort exclusive, that combines its bright white color with a beautiful stamping of bamboo leaves.
The size of the photo album is 35 cm x 35 cm and the inside pages are made from high quality 250 gram card. Each page comes with silk paper to protect the photographs.

Accurate measurement of the inner leaf of the photo album is 33.3 cm (width) x 35 cm (height), and it can include photos of the measures 24x30, 30x24, 28x28 and 30x30 32 x 32 cms.

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