Leather Album Style 120 Mandarin G-Lux-Terra G-Lux

Style 120 has been the style with the biggest number of sales in the history of Pielfort.
Elegance and the proportionality of forms are most important with this style. Four square shapes form the front of the album, harmoniously linked to each other by perfect stitching that borders their contours.
TERRA G-LUX and MANDARIN G-LUX, two skins of excellent quality, characterized by the PULL effect used. The materials have light and dark areas on their surfaces, giving each album a unique appearance that makes every album different from the others.
The final result is an album of great beauty that fulfills the highest expectations of its owner.
The size of the photo album is 35 cm x 35 cm and the inside pages are made from high quality 250 gram card. Each page comes with silk paper to protect the photographs.

Accurate measurement of the inner leaf of the photo album is 33.3 cm (width) x 35 cm (height), and it can include photos of the measures 24x30, 30x24, 28x28 and 30x30 32 x 32 cms.

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